Available Opportunities with Revoyr & Associates.



Company: EnviroSeal TN

Regional Sales Rep – Transportation Safety Product


EnviroSeal is hiring new account managers for our transportation division. The position is responsible for new account acquisition, account maintenance and assistance with product installation.


EnviroSeal is the commercial trucking industry's best friend. Our product increases fuel economy by 1 to 3 miles per gallon, extends tire life up to 30-40% and reduces road side tire repairs resulting in multi-million dollar savings in the first year alone based on careful studies and actual customer data. Not to mention the safety benefits of no-flats or the reduction in transportation delays. We guarantee not only the product but he full cost of every tire where our product is installed for the life of the tire.


Responsibilities include heavy prospecting, diligent following and pipeline coordination with management and the technical staff. We are looking for sales people with similar business to business sales experience. Industry experience is a plus but not a requirement. We prefer that youve have experience developing new territories and experience selling large quantities/high priced products/services.


-Realistic $150k - $250k pay in first year, plus residuals, no cap on commissions.
-Promotion opportunity to product manager, division manager and sales manager.
-Annual sales contest winner receives a new car.
-Expense account provided after 90-day probation.
-Ongoing training available.


Familiarize yourself with our company and product before applying. Qualified applicants will be contacted. No phone calls please.






Company: FindaTrucker

Ad Sales - Transportation Resource


FindaTrucker connects trucking companies with drivers. Transport companies advertise open positions for a flat fee on our proprietary board netting qualified drivers for a fraction of the cost of other resources. Our return on investment is easy to demonstrate and represents little commitment with month to month programs to compliment the optional yearly pricing.

A successful National Account Manager will be an aggressive prospector with excellent pipeline management skills. You will need to research each company before you call to determine its size and who the decision maker likely is. You will need to reach the decision maker in one to two calls and learn about their recruiting strategy to determine if we can be of value. You must be perceived as a helper, not a seller.


Sales presentations are conducted via phone and screen sharing. Conversations with decision makers yield almost a 50% close ratio. Technical support is available to assist in bringing the new clients on board. You are expected to maintain 25 new cold calls per day.

You should be comfortable working for a small company, and startup experience is preferred but not required.


*2 or more years of business to business sales experience
*Phone sales experience
*Cold calling experience
*Ability to be trained/learn a new sales process
*Telecommuting experience
*Genuine interest in the kind of work we do


Commission rates are generous, expected yearly income is $70,000 to $140,000. This is based on actual conversion ratios and realistic call volume based on the owners personal sales who is not a traditional sales person.


Visit our website findatrucker dot com before applying. Qualified applicants will be contacted. No phone calls please.






Company: Converge Hub

Small Business Software Sales


A powerful yet simple cloud CRM for small to medium size businesses out to kill giants. Converge Hub CRM is designed to compete directly with the big cloud-based platforms in features and functionalities while remaining reasonably priced, Converge also beats the competition by virtue of its purpose-built applications by industry.

Business to business sales experience is required, CRM sales experience is preferred but optional.


A Typical Day:

Identify a vertical market and territory to pursue with the owner’s assistance. Conduct specific superficial research before making contact. Contact the decision maker and ask informed questions while qualifying the prospect and letting them know that you’re calling for a good reason. Most small businesses understand the need for a CRM but find the process ridged and time consuming. Once the decision maker understands the flexibility we provide and the particular business implications interest is piqued and motivation is high. Explain the pricing options and close for a decision. Most sales happen in 1 to 2 calls. Deal sizes vary based on the number of employees.


Benefits of working here:

You can work from home and keep a flexible schedule as long as your territory is being diligently worked. We’re a young company so instead of offering a large base, we’re offering large commissions with benefits and profit sharing options. This presents a good fit for someone confident with their abilities, who has a low burn rate and who is very money motivated.


Job Requirements:

• Executive level/C-Level sales experience.
• 3 plus years business to business sales experience
• Prospecting and lead generation experience
• Demonstrable phone presentation and closing experience/skills
• Excellent pipeline management and reporting skills
• Superior organization skills, persistent and consistent.
• Good writing and overall communication habits and skill
• Familiarity and well-rounded understanding of corporate CRM solutions
• Outside independent remote-based sales experience
• Professionalism and a strong work ethic
• Ability to close sales.



• Utilize Social medial tools such as linked in to identify, research and contact appropriate prospects and secure the business
• Utilize affiliate marketing strategies to build pipeline and referral network
• Maintain a high contact volume maintain a healthy pipeline
• Close sales


Success Characteristics:

• Knowledgeable of industry
• Genuine interest in CRM business implications/benefits
• Industry contacts and relationships
• Ability to ensure high levels of customer satisfaction.
• Strong understanding of customer requirements and market dynamics.
• Telecommuting experience with professional office area (home office ok)
• Money motivated hunter with great networking and interpersonal skills

Qualified applicants will be contacted within a few business days.






Company: Team Consumer Intelligence

Revolutionary Software for Hospitals – Rounds ™


Team Consumer Intelligence helps hospitals better manage cash flow, project complicated Medicare redemption rates, handle Quality of Care measurements and comply with the Affordable Care Act. Our new software, Rounds ™, has received unanimously positive reviews from health care professionals which is why we are now making it available to all hospitals throughout the country.


The Job:

You are expected to prospect and develop your pipeline using our target list. You will conduct research prior to making contact and average between 5 to 10 new calls a day. Demonstrations are conducted by phone and you will receive full presentation and closing support until you are able to effectively present and close sales on your own. Note that this is not a junior sales position; because we are introducing a new product we prefer to exercise thoroughness. You are expected to handle the entire sales process within a few months.



-2 Years business to business C-Suite phone sales experience
-Cold calling and prospecting experience
-Technical proficiency/savvy
-Industry/Regulatory knowledge
-Consultative selling style
-Demonstrable closing success
-Clear communicator
-Good organization skills
-Attention to detail



This is a ground floor opportunity to work for a backed startup with a quality product that addresses an immediate and urgent need. An ideal candidate is one with some startup or entrepreneurial experience.


Base salary and commission rates are negotiable but keep in mind we will favor less salary with higher commissions given our size.

Before applying please review our website, rounds r o i dot com


Qualified applicants will be contacted. No phone calls please.







Company: ProcureSource

GSA and Co-op Supplier Sales


ProcureSource makes cooperative purchasing easy. The use of cooperative purchasing contracts through the RFP (request for proposal) process via government agencies has expanded dramatically. This, however, has made it difficult to navigate through the various options and to discern which cooperative procurement processes meets public procurement standards.


ProcureSource was launched to address these challenges. Any organization that uses cooperative contracts -- state and local public agencies, K-12 school districts, higher education institutions, housing authorities, nonprofits -- love having one source of information presented in a consistent format.


As an account manager your job is to contact suppliers and cooperatives with existing contracts. We showcase their contracts to purchasers at the best possible time – when the pubic agencies are ready to buy. Through a variety of promotions based on exposure, number of contracts and tools you will customize a solution with a clear ROI. 


-Familiar with government procurement process
-2 plus years ad sales/media sales experience
-Complete home office
-Previous experience working independently from home
-Demonstrable closing success
-Ability to maintain a steady call volume
-Good prospecting and call opening technique
-Reliable and trustworthy
-Good organization/reporting skills
-Attention to detail 


Preferred but not required:
-Government purchasing experience or experience with a company selling into government, K12, or higher education
-Lead generation knowledge/process
-Industry contacts


Position Highlights:

-Small base plus generous commissions
-Call lists provided
-Thorough (paid) training
-Small company culture
-Advancement opportunity
-Tremendous income potential


Before applying visit our website, procuresource dot com. Qualified applicants will be contacted. No phone calls please.






Company: Phronetik

Healthcare Informatics Account Manager


Phronetik is a next-generation health care informatics company with a focus on helping small rural physicians, general practitioners and family doctors better care for patients, operate their practices efficiently and more profitably while staying in compliance with current and future regulations. With increasing regulatory and compliance changes, the most successful health organizations will be those who can quickly adapt and embrace the health technology solutions available.


Together our staff has over 25 years of deep technical experience including health informatics solutions, health communication, research, compliance auditing, practice management and public health concerns.



This is a consultative role, we expect you to practice professionalism which means to recommend only solutions that you believe will benefit the practice irrespective of the initial sale size. Our goal is to become a trusted informatics partner to our practitioners; we must rely on your ability to set the tone of the relationship.


Warm leads will be provided to you. No cold calling. You will need to follow-up quickly, set appointments for in person visits or web conferences and always ask for referrals. The sales process includes a one-hour free assessment followed by a recommendation of services including pricing options followed by a signed service agreement. Technical support is provided where needed. Sales cycle can be a couple of weeks or a couple of months.



-2 Years Business to Business Sales Experience
-Technical proficiency/savvy
-Industry/Regulatory knowledge
-Consultative selling style
-Demonstrable closing success
-Clear communicator
-Reliable and trustworthy
-Good organization skills
-Attention to detail
-Genuine interest in helping physicians



Commission structure is such that a realistic yearly earning potential amounts to $150k to $250k plus residuals and future upgrades/purchases adding substantially more. Being that we are a new company salaries are not possible at this time. We have opted to invest in a lead generation program to provide more sales opportunities. Base salaries will be added to the comp plan at a future date but for the time being a larger commission rate is provided to reward your hard work.


Before applying please review our website thoroughly, Phronetik.


Qualified applicants will be contacted. No phone calls please.





Company: Military Economic Initiative

Military Community Mobile Ad Sales


Military Economic Initiative is a community dedicated to serving military and former military, pro-military business and civilians through technology, commerce, innovation, goodwill and capitalism.


The MEI mobile application connects job seekers will employers interested in reaching employees with military skills and discipline. Businesses target military and veteran communities with incentives and promotions. And a portion of MEI profits are donated to veteran support organizations.


The Job:

Your job is to help us connect more employers and more businesses with our community of over 300,000 active duty, families and veterans. Employers can list positions for $100 a month, and businesses can promote their deals/incentives as well for $100/mo.


We provide lists, training and sales support. You provide energy, work ethic and the desire to serve.

Commissions are residual in nature. Income potential in first year is over $50,000, second year is over $100,000.

Sales cycle is short and sales are executed via phone in most cases. Telecommuting or part-time is acceptable.


More About MEI:

MEI uses a patent pending technology. Among its unique features is our wish list; when searching for a deal (or event, or job) if there are no matches currently, we will save the search until a matching result is posted somewhere in the network and then notify the user with an icon on their app.


Security and privacy is respected. We collect NO information from users phones. Its your phone, your business and should stay that way.

Visit our website for more information before applying for this job. Address is supportmei dot com. You can download the app free from our website.


Qualified applicants will be contacted. No phone calls please.





Company: Motcou

B2B Ad Sales - $1000 Per Sale


Sales pro with startup experience and business-to-business experience needed. Ad sales background is a plus. Leads provided. You will work closely with the owner and will be trained extensively. Longer-term partnership opportunity available along with management responsibilities. Generous commissions and residuals provided for the right person. Quick sales cycles and pay cycles.


Motcou is an online business directory and customer-to-business matching service. Four-tier pricing options including free trials and premium accounts with commissions up to $1000 per sale.


Responsibilities include lead generation, one-on-one and group presentations, careful lead tracking and conversion tracking, follow-ups via email and phone, help with marketing materials and other related tasks as needed.


You should be familiar with excel-type spreadsheets, possess excellent communication and organizational skills, be able to manage a robust and diverse sales pipeline and be committed to results.


Qualified applicants will have a chance to meet with all employees as well as the owner to gain a thorough understanding of what the job consists of and what our goals are.


Visit our website before applying. Qualified applicant will be contacted. No phone calls please.







Tech/Marketing – Phone Sales – Telecommute


Dozcon is looking for telecommuting-able phone sales pros who are moderately tech/marketing savvy to demonstrate and sell our marketing and store front solutions. Leads are provided, commissions are generous, training and support is extensive and schedules are flexible.


Dozcon provides basic-to-comprehensive web marketing solutions to business who have little to no web presence, and in many cases have no website. We cater to manufacturing companies, churches and small retail businesses. Our products include e-commerce sites, mobile friendly designs and a range of integrated applications. We serve a niche that sits between the do-it-yourself websites and the expensive custom jobs. Having been in business since 2001 we have crafted products and price points that fit our target market to perfection.


The position demands high call volume and thorough follow up. You should be capable using excel spreadsheets and comfortable managing a sales pipeline. The sales cycle is short, anywhere from one day to two weeks. Commissions are $200 per sale. 1 to 2 sales a day is realistic and expected. Leads are provided. Training is and closing assistance is provided for the first few weeks on the job.

Additional Details:
-Company in business since 2001.
-Small privately held company with 1 sales person.
-Looking for two additional sales people for now.
-Territories are open.
-No health benefits.
-Leads provided.
-Leads are managed via google docs spreadsheet.
-Training lasts 3-5 days via webinars and training manuals.
-Product knowledge quiz administered before work begins.
-Part-time schedule is possible for the right person.
-Relaxed management style.
-Self-directed personalities fit in well.
-Management opportunities available.


For consideration email your resume and cover letter to jobs at dozcon dot com.


Qualified applicants will be contacted. No phone calls please.





Company:Big Crayon

Enterprise Cross Platform E-Commerce Sales


BigCrayon is looking for a sales account rep with enterprise level experience to sell our cross platform app technology. You will work remotely and should have the aptitude an experience for telecommuting. Expected income is considerable, nearing the 200k mark per year.


BigCrayon virtualizes existing web assets into next generation cross-platform apps (no download) that inherits 100% of the content and functionality of the original site. The versatility of these apps are designed to increase audience reach, acquire new customers and provide a better turn on campaign spend.


After one short year in the market this framework is powering award winning digital properties used by some of the largest brands including Macys, John Deere, Panasonic, Cox Communications, Chicos, The American Cancer Society, Lending Tree and The Nature Conservancy with earlier adopters such as 1800Flowers, Under Armour, Jarod, Mens Wearhouse and many others.



-Full time availability
-Complete home office with noise canceling headset and good broadband connection
-Great phone presence
-Technical savvy
-Previous experience with Screen share / conference calls like (WebEx, Join.me, Goto Meeting etc)
-Previous experience with Linkedin social media Inbox messaging, join network.
-Previous experience working independently
-2 plus years b2b sales experience
-Demonstrable closing success
-Ability to make cold calls
-Good prospecting and call opening technique
-Clear communicator
-Reliable and trustworthy
-Good organization skills
-Attention to detail
-Genuine interest in our industry and service


Our age friendly company offers positions ranging from college and teen interns to experienced
professionals. The Work Without Boundaries Program allows individuals with a good Internet
connection to work from anywhere.


Sales cycles are on the longer-side. Qualified applicant should be comfortable and accustomed to longer more complex sales cycles with multiple decision makers.


Position is commission based with high commission rates and no income cap. Salary option is available after probationary period which would include a lower commission rate, however a rational person would prefer a higher commission when comparing the two options.



BigCrayon got started in the online shopping mall business in 1997 creating key contracts with
the largest e-retailers with a special contribution to causes once the patron purchased a product.
Now he brings together the brightest talent for the new mobile Smartphone platform for those
with a passion for photography, interactive design, and a commitment to finding a better model
for delivering faster to market. With three distinct areas of expertise (strategy, design, and
technology) and the ability to get them all functioning together, we are able to provide our
clients with strategic solutions to business problems, not just work that looks good.


How to Apply:

Please review our website before applying, Big Crayon dot com. Qualified applicants will be contacted. No phone calls please.







Company:Broker IDX Sites

Real Estate Broker/Agent Software Sales


We’re looking for a savvy phone sales account executive to work with real estate brokerages and agents to demonstrate our IDX website/software/hosting packages. Leads are provided, as are video demonstration tools, closing assistance and comprehensive training.


Broker IDX Sites has been providing and refining its software for three years, serving brokers as well as individual agents. IDX Sites allow for full, unrestricted access to the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) for clients and prospective clients, and boasts features such as lead capturing and organizing, a document and transaction manager, virtual tours and unlimited sub-accounts for all agents. There are no direct competitors in terms of functionality or price.


-Must have a thorough knowledge of our products and the needs of the brokers.
-Must maintain a high and consistent call volume.
-Posses good organizational skills.
-Follow up with all prospects and keep track of their status.
-Adequately address any and all questions and concerns and hand off to a team member if ever you cannot.


We’re looking for someone with business to business sales experience at minimum, experience selling to brokers/agents or experience in our industry is a plus. You should be technically astute enough to comprehend and articulate the features and business implications of our product. We prefer you have experience working remotely. Strong earnings track record is also preferred.


You will work for Revoyr & Associates and will represent the Broker IDX Sites (dot com) product exclusively. Revoyr & Associates provides sales department development services for startups and technology companies.


Hourly pay plus commissions and residuals with no cap! Alternative commission only pay plan available also.


Visit brokerIDXsites dot com before applying. Qualified applicants will be contacted. No phone calls please.







Hospitality Sales - Big Commissions


We are looking for someone with hospitality sales experience working with services, intangibles or software. Phone sales experience is preferred.

At Anthumb we design for hotels a Mobile Concierge that allows them to customize the travel experience for their guests. For example a guest can choose from pre set activity plans that cater to sight-seeing, or sports activities or relaxation, etc. Guests can also easily customize their own itinerary complete with promotions/deals from area businesses the hotels chose to work with.

Our Concierge is popular with single-location hotels as well as chains. Commissions range from $1250 to $50,000 per sale. Sales cycle can be short but it depends on the size of the build and the number of locations.

Training and leads are provided. Lots of support and guidance is available the first two weeks on the job. Our goal for a new team member is a completed sale in that two-week time frame.

Visit Anthumb dot com before applying. Qualified applicants will be contacted. No phone calls please.








Complex API Integration Sales


WyngSpan has developed a “trust factor”, a unique mechanism that allows consumers to easily find vendors who their acquaintances or other customers trust. This "trust factor" provides quicker, more reliable and more valuable information than online reviews.

This is a large-ticket, complex sale involving the integration of our proprietary API. There are many applications for our Trust Factor, however professional service directories and similar businesses are our target. You should have a working knowledge of these businesses and preferably experience working with them or working for them. Meaningful contacts with our target companies are ideal. Commissions per sale are approximately $50,000 plus residuals.

Deep technical know-how or technical sales experience is not required but is helpful. We’re more interested in your ability to find and demonstrate the benefit of this applicant in a particular vertical. Industry exclusivity to our client is a possibility.


Visit our website, WYNGSPAN dot com before applying. Qualified applicants will contacted by phone.





Company:PrestigeCare Private Health Advisory

Private Health Advisory Sales


Private health care advisory service sales for PrestigeCare Private Health Advisory, LLC.


Seasoned sales professional with b2b or b2c experience working with professional service providers and/or high net worth clients. Must be a savvy networker and employ the kind of sales practices that results in long-term relationships. Sales process is more relational than transaction in manner therefore your background and personality should fit this archetype.


PrestigeCare Private Health Advisory Services for individuals, families and corporations bring priority personalized health and wellness advisory consultations to coordinate emergency, acute and ongoing medical treatments for our most valuable asset, our Members. With 24/7 coverage, members always have a resource to coordinate medical services.


Services include:


Worldwide Access - Recommend National and International specialists for elective and urgent procedures at state of the art facilities with pioneering physicians. Coordinating the best in care for members’ condition is the standard, whether in the U.S. or abroad.


Advisory Services - One phone call connects member to a PrestigeCare Private Health Advisor who is ready to help at a moment’s notice.


Healthcare Navigation - Unlike a primary treating physician with hospital, medical group or corporate affiliation, PrestigeCare’s recommendation process links members with the best options and top specialist.


Medical Transport - With PrestigeCare and our affiliate partner network, member will enjoy the comfort of a single phone call to begin the transport process to the best provider for your condition, from anywhere in the world.


Travel Coordination - Travel coordination is also available for less critical members needing special assistance.


Second Opinion – For when members or loved ones wish to explore other possible treatment options. PrestigeCare coordinates an appointment for a second opinion with an independent specialist for your medical condition.


Electronic Medical Records Access - With PrestigeCare’s, My Medical Records, members’ medical information is stored on HIPAA compliant software and available for distribution to any facility around the world.


Travel Appointment Assistance - For those who travel frequently or someone making their first trip with a medical condition, coordinating medical services while away from home can be difficult. PrestigeCare Membership provides the logistics to give you the peace of mind you deserve.


Pharmaceutical Assistance - Traveling and left the prescriptions in the medicine cabinet? Private Health Advisor contacts primary treating physician, alerting them of the situation, and assisting in the process to allow the medicine’s availability at a convenient pharmacy.


Customized Preventative Care Solutions - Scientific and genetic research have changed the landscape of medicine, creating more treatment alternatives than ever before.  To optimize treatment potential, PrestigeCare Members are connected with leading pioneers and innovators in the field of medical research for treatment options to expedite the journey on the path to better health.


Insurance Mandated Providers - New restrictions, mandates and health insurance regulations may limit your medical provider options. With PrestigeCare, members are assisted with selecting a medical provider which may be better suited for your specific health and wellness outcomes.


Multiple Medical Providers – PrestigeCare coordinate medical appointments and information sharing.


Corporate Services - A valued employee who is suffering from a medical condition at home or abroad can be a growing concern. Services available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year to assist.


International Travel Medical Insurance Coverage - Most are unaware your current medical insurance can be useless in many countries. Even over the counter medications are prohibited in some locations. Through our affiliate partner, GeoBlue members have access to a dedicated individual to review insurance plan options to best suit travel requirements.


In Home Care & Medical Appointment Accompaniment - Through our affiliate network partner, PriorityCareSolutions, PrestigeCare coordinates services for In Home Healthcare and Medical Appointment Accompaniment.


Fitness, Wellness and Holistic Medicine Information - PrestigeCare facilitates introductions to the top Fitness, Wellness and Holistic Medical experts for the betterment of members’ life long goals.




We’re interested in sales people with the following backgrounds: Pharmaceutical sales, medical device/equipment sales, select health insurance sales, experience working with or selling to high net worth individuals, experience working with or selling to accountants, transactional attorneys, entertainers, talent agents and frequent internationally travelers.


PrestigeCare was founded by a primary care physician with family medicine and emergency care background who is the medical director of two skilled nursing facilities and with soon to be published book concerning medical insurance complexities and recent regulatory changes.


Working practitioners such as transaction attorneys and accountants are encouraged to apply if you believe you can effectively and accurately represent out services on a part-time basis. Full time sales people are encouraged to utilize the resources of such professionals as well including concierge related services, sports/talent/entertainment agents and financial advisers.


Please review myprestigecare dot com before applying. Qualified applicant will be contacted by email or phone. No phone calls please.






Company:Netlink Groups

Hospitality Management Software Sales


Netlink Group creates High-Tech Hospitality Management Software using the latest and revolutionary development techniques such as NRTOC (No retyping at all, Only Clicking) and NRTOCN (No Retyping, Only Clicking/Numbering). Currently, more then 99% software operations are performed using mouse clicks or number pad.



This is a combination of inside and outside sales. Some leads are provided. Your job is to determine the needs, qualify the decision makers, arrange conference calls/demos with our development team, deliver proposals and close sales. We prefer if you have a background in our industry however were willing to work with you provided you have comparable b2b sales experience.


Work hours and time commitment is flexible as long as your territory is managed. Telecommuting is OK. We prefer sales people with some full-time telecommuting or outside sales background. Lots of training is provided but management is hands-off which means you should be self managed. Sales cycle is around two weeks and 10 sales per month is average with a per sale commission of $500 to $1000. Paid weekly.



Our software is suitable for managing of any/all types of Hospitality units like Hotels, Motels, Inns, Resorts, Lodges, Hostels, Guest-houses, cabins, cottages, Ranch, Suites, Apartments, Medical-centers, Campgrounds, and Bed & Breakfast operations, regardless whether the facility is small, medium or large with any numbers of rooms.


We believe that customized services provided to a customer in the hospitality Business results into repeat business. We provide many exclusive features in our Hospitality Management Software for better service options with minimal learning curve of our clients.


Visit our website before applying (netlinkgroups dot com). Qualified applicants will be contacted. No phone calls please.






Company:Red Cone Development

Mobile App Sales


Business to business mobile app and web development account manager needed. Services include mobile apps, websites, Apple Passbook integration and cloud computing.


Sales Position Highlights:
*Average rep earnings $60,000
*Top reps $120,000
*Draw against commissions available
*Open territories throughout the country
*Product and sales training provided
*Closing assistance provided
*Long-range incentive plans
*Flexible work schedule
*laissez faire management style
*Advancement opportunity


As our client base expands were looking for independent account managers in new territories. You should be a sophisticated sales professional who is comfortable explaining new ideas in a practical way. You should be respectful in your dealings yet aggressive in your work. Experience selling into our market is a plus but not required. If you do not meet the criteria but have exceptional enthusiasm and a genuine interest in our industry we may be willing to train you.


Visit Red Cone Development (RedConeDev dot com) before applying. Qualified applicants will be contacted. No phone calls please.







Company:SoftBaby® Clothes

SoftBaby Brand Manager


SoftBaby® Clothes, featured on Gilt and HauteLook, is looking for a brand sales manager to help us secure additional retail partners. Soft Baby is a 100% certified organic baby clothing line with nothing but stylish, soft, and comfortable items.


Experience in our world either as brand manager a buyer or channel sales agent is preferred but not required. You should however be well organized, an excellent communicator and posses a strong work ethic and a sincere passion for our industry.


You may work from home from anywhere in the country or out of our office in New York. You will report directly to the owner and should be comfortable working in an unstructured environment. Ingenuity and creative problem solving will be rewarded. Average commissions between $3000 and $10000 per sale and in some cases much more.


If interested in joining our team first visit soft-baby-clothes dot com to familiarize yourself with our products and our brand. Qualified applicants will be contacted with a week. No phone calls please. 






Company: BlueTrend

Video Branding Sales


Bluetrend is an architect and builder of organizations including political campaigns, large organizations and even startups. From reengineering internal procedures to constructing innovative technology-based outreach, Bluetrend turns messages and clipboards into customers and constituents, ensuring that every core asset is maximized. Founded and run by seasoned political organizers, Bluetrend efficiently harnesses the intersection of people, resources and priorities creating cost savings, revenue growth, increased outreach and ultimately, persistent success.


You will work with our management team to identify prospects based on our criteria matrix. You will then qualify their needs and interest, arrange video conference concept meetings, present proposals and finalize contracts.


Organizations needing branding assistance due to a recent merger or for new product lines look for well made video that communicate the message succinctly. Our branding video concepts and products provide diverse and usable opportunity to promote their new brand at a reasonable cost. In our experience a successful video product begets addition brand consultation and organizational development work which is also our core business.


Were looking for someone with relevant business development experience, a genuine interest in our industry. You should be highly motivated and posses a strong work ethic. Consulting experience is a plus but not required. Fundraising experience is also a plus. Some business to business sales experience is required.


Note: Base annual salary of $50,000 is available after initial probationary period. Yearly earnings at quota is $72,000 and at target is $108,000. Benefits are also available after a period of time.


Basic Areas of Knowledge and Skills:
Good project and time management skills
Knowledge of business and management principles
Strong writing and analytical skills
Organizational skills
Ability to work proactively, independently, and generate results

Review our website before applying btmethod dot com. Qualified applicants will receive a response within a week or two. No phone calls please.






Company: SkinnyCanvas

Biz Dev and Channel Sales - New Marketing Tool for Realtors


Experienced channel sales and business development for our revolutionary marketing and sales tool. You will work with companies who market to realtors as well as agents and brokers directly to demonstrate SkinnyCanvas with the goal of putting this purpose-built software in the hands of as many realtors as possible.


SkinnyCanvas allows for permission-based content creation on any website without coding or even any technical savvy on the part of the user. For example, a realtor can add comments to properties DIRECTLY on the MLS or Craigslist or Zillow for only her clients to read. She can also customize the content for each client individually.  If during a showing for instance a client has a question requiring research, that agent can later place the answer on the MLS for his client to read next time they go back to view the photos, etc.


SkinnyCanvas is the next-generation in terms of how realtors communicate with their clients allowing for superb client support. Client experience is enhanced, market and industry expertise is demonstrated, trust is engendered, more properties are sold and more buyers are matched with the right homes.


Realistic opportunity earn 8k/mo and up immediately. You should be a sophisticated sales professional who is comfortable explaining new ideas in a practical way. You should be respectful in your dealings yet aggressive in your work. Experience selling into our market is a plus but not required. If you are a part-time realtor or related professional, great. Some business development and channel sales experience is preferred. If you do not meet the criteria but have exceptional enthusiasm and a genuine interest in our market we may be willing to train you.


Qualified applicant will be contacted within a few business days. No phone calls please.






Company: Questivity

Tech Solution Sales – Enterprise and SMB


If you have SMB and Enterprise tech solutions sale background we’re interested in speaking with you.


Questivity is a young, fast-moving infrastructure solutions firm providing custom IT products/solutions by Cisco, VMWare, Oracle, EMC, Citrix, IBM and many others. We focus on some of the more advanced technologies like Advanced Unified Communications, Virtualizatoin, Unified Computing and Telepresence.


If you are a little behind with your technology know-how we can work with you provided you have the complex B2B sale process background/abilities in your repertoire.


Job Responsibilities:

What qualifies you for this position? You have:

We are looking for commissioned and salaried positions. Salaried position will require more experience and most importantly demonstrable success in our field.


Income expectation is high even for this industry but so too are the performance standards. Successful team member will work hard and find ways to bring opportunities to the team so that we can create solutions for clients that make an impact.


Qualified applicant will be contacted within a few days. No phone calls please.






Company: Frodoe

Biz Dev Ads Sales – US Market Expansion


Daily deal advertising schemes aren’t what they used to be. As daily deals are becoming less effective amid the swarm of available programs Frodoe combines call-to-action deals with search engine optimization in a complimenting and effective way.


One of the reasons many deal blitz’s fail is due to poor timing and ineffective frequency; Too many, too few, too close together is just as had as using the wrong message. We implement an Ad Calendar to ensure optimal volume and frequency along with a number of other tools to monitor and measure effectiveness.


Once timing is addressed we further help local business owners utilize deals in a way that harmonizes and aides search engine optimization for specific deals as well as for branding purposes.


Our sales department is growing as we expand from Asian markets into the US. Successful account executives will know how to create a prospect list, reach decision makers, ask the right questions, discuss the benefits, offer them one of our three low-cost advertising options and close for a decision.

Diligent follow-up and above average organization skills are necessary. Previous experience in our industry and with our prospects is an advantage but not required. You should have b2b sales experience, and experience working remotely.

Our average sales reps earn $60,000 to $80,000 per year which is above industry average. Top sales people earn well over $100,000.

Glassdoor conducted an in-depth look at companies where sales people earn the highest commission, #1 was CA Technologies at 90k, #5 was Monster at 73k, and #10 was VMware at 58k.


Leads provided. Advancement potential. Qualified applicants will be contacted within a few business days or as soon as we are able. No phone calls please.




Company: The ZipAds

Entry-Level Sales Agent


Welcome to The ZipAds. A searchable ad directory giving consumers quick and easy access to a variety of local businesses by category while providing those businesses an affordable and effective advertising mechanism.


This is an outstanding entry level sales position, no experience necessary. Complete training provided. Ad sales is an extremely versatile and transferable skill and makes an excellent resume builder. Recent grads, careers changers, stay-at-home parents, students, even part-timers or retirees are all welcome to apply. Near six-figure earnings potential and even more for regional managers. I should mention, excellent advancement potential as well.


Our product and sales process is easy to learn. Earn commission and get paid your first week.

Interact with a variety of local businesses owners and have fun helping them promote their products/service with a cost-effective advertising tool. Enjoy your work. help local business, work with other great people and make a great living.


Qualified applicants will posses the following:


Professional appearance
Positive energy and enthusiasm
Effective communication skills
Ability to handle rejection
Courteous demeanor, respectful and even keeled
Gregarious or genuine interest in sales


And if you happen to be a sales veteran, excellent, we welcome you as well.


You will be contacted within a few business days if your qualifications meet our requirements. No phone calls please.




Company: Devs Rep.

Part-Time Sales Opportunity – Developers Welcome


Project Management Outsourcing company looking for a capable and responsible account manager/account executive on a part-time or full time basis.


Visit our website DevsRep before applying.


Responsibilities include locating and contacting solo web, app, and software developers as well as small development teams and identifying a need for project management assistance. We provide 3-tier pricing to suit client requirements and can offer free trials for up to 2 months.

Those with developer contacts and experience do well in this role. Business to business sales experience is also a plus. Sales work can be conducted by phone and telecommuting is acceptable.


Training consists of two days of online webinars. Ongoing training and support is provided. We expect your ramp-up period to be around two months. Average sales person can expect to earn $50,000 - $70,000 per year.


Your compensation plan is completely dependent on your background and probability of performance. This could mean 100% commission, or a draw against commission, or a base plus commission after a probationary period.


Our company was founded by developers. We understand the need in the market place and the contributions a good project manager can make.


Qualified candidates will be contacted within a few business days. No phone calls please.





Company: Direct Connect 911

Business Development - Intelligent Smoke Alarms


If you have ever wondered what would happen to your beloved pets in the event of a fire when you are not at home you are not alone. Direct Connect 911 has developed a patented smoke alarm/monitoring device to help prevent such tragic scenarios.


It works like a home security system. When the alarm is triggered a call center is notified who, following the instructions of the customer, will phone the customer first and then contact the authorities who can respond if the fire is indeed real.


Previous outside sales experience is preferred. Sales activities include door to door canvassing, dropping off fliers, networking with service professionals in the area, presenting at neighborhood associations, churches and other community events and partnering with local vets and animal shelters.


Requirements include clean, appropriate attire, a smart phone, excellent communication skills, proven responsibility, and excellent work ethic.

You will be provided with comprehensive and ongoing training, business cards, fliers/brochures, a demo unit, point of sale equipment and other credentials as needed.


Customers receive the alarm unit and the first month of service free. Installation and activation is handled by the customer with the assistance of a customer support number if needed. Monthly service fee is $12.95. No long-term contract.


You are paid upfront upon activation of accounts. Pay cycles are weekly. Realistic potential to earn $90,000 to $100,000 in first year through commissions and quarterly and yearly bonuses.  By comparison Comcast reps earn between 30 – 70k a year.


Territories are awarded based on our trust in you and our expectations of your performance.


Visit our website before applying. Qualified applicants will be contacted within a few business days. No phone calls please.





Company: Hygiene Care

Strategic Channel Account Sales – FMCG Market


Hygiene Care is a US corporation manufacturing disposable toilet seat covers for commercial and personal use. Retailers nationwide such as drug stores, grocery stores, Bed Bath & Beyond types of outlets and travel supply stores currently sell these products in small quantities. These 5, 10-pack, etc. quantities are for personal use intended for travel or camping to be used in public restrooms where dispensers are not available or are empty. We also make and sell bulk quantities for airports, large venues, parks and other facilities with public restrooms. We are able to manufacture our products in the US or in China at comparable rates depending on the clients’ preferences.


We are looking for an experienced channel sales account manager/sales executive who has experience selling to our retailers, preferably with similar products. Any related marketing experience is a plus but not required. Territories are wide open as our retails are diverse in type and geography.


Competitive base compensation plus aggressive commissions to the right candidate who will pursue leads, find creative new channels and close deals. Product collateral and marketing materials are provided. We have a number of display artwork options of varying styles to suit the retailers’ preferences.


We are located in Tamarac, FL but for the right individual we are open to you telecommuting. There is no travel involved. All work is done by phone.


Ideal candidate will be a proven producer, able to manage a complex sales pipeline, aggressive, and with industry experience and relationships.


Qualified applicants will be contacted within a few business days. No phone calls please.





Company: Valoh Apparel

Fashion Apparel Channel Sales


We are a multi-purpose fashion brand that offers utilitarian inspired clutch wear with a fashion-forward twist, and were currently hiring 1 in-house channel sales manager to help us continue promoting the brand to a variety of sales outlets regionally and nationally.


Valoh Apparel (Established 2012) offers a multitude of unique fashions with the debut of women and men utilitarian designer accessories. We have launched our feature line Pivotal this year to wide acclaim.


Valohs goal is to specialize in refreshing and quality eclectic fashion for all consumers. Our line is a represented by several elements because our belts are fashionable while maintaining utility and attention to detail. The belts encompass fashion elements that are absorbed from current trends which includes a practical functionality.


We are looking for someone with channel sales and fashion industry experience. Retail experience is a plus if the industry/products are right. Trade show experience is also a plus. Industry contacts of course is desired. Must be an effective communicator with excellent organization skills and presentation skills. Demonstrable closing ability and history of sales performance required. You should also have a keen interest in our industry and a genuine desire to work for a small company.


Valoh Apparels mission is to promote cultural and social diversities in fashion, art, and philanthropy, by offering a platform for women to become free spirited and express their artistic beauty thru fashion. Our company also serves a platform to raise funds and increase awareness for charitable causes such as human trafficking, domestic violence, and homelessness, just to name a few .


Do your research before applying. Qualified applicant will be contacted within a few business days. No phone calls please.





Company: Wavespot

Account Manager – Social + Loyalty Marketing


Ground floor opportunity with a young growth company in one of the hottest industries.


Wavespot combines loyalty marketing with social media management in a turn-key solution that any consumer-facing business can setup and utilize. Our clients are seeing 1000% plus increase in social media interaction and reward redemptions within a few months.


Here is why Wavespot works so well: Patrons access free WiFi by logging-in through their Facebook account or with an email address (opt-in). Patrons can receive incentives upon initial visits and repeat visits, notifications of upcoming specials, buy-one-get-one coupons when they walk through the door or refer-a-friend coupons. The list goes one. There are no apps to download, it works with any mobile device or notebook and patrons can opt-out any time.


Businesses recognize the power of a good loyalty and social media program but find the implementation to be complication and intrusive. Wavespot simply surpasses the competition in ease of use, flexibility, performance and value. Our service is scalable, from single-location businesses to the regional and national chains we serve.


Were hiring for inside and outside account manager positions that are territory based. Account managers will develop their pipeline in a number of channels including leads that are provided to them from marketing and word-of-mouth, lists we source and compile, networking and referral gathering in addition to your own methods. Presentations will be aided by instructional webinars and can take place on-site or by phone.


There are two compensation packages. The first includes a base of $24,000/year plus aggressive commissions. The second is completely commission based with a higher commission rate. Specify which you would prefer when applying.


Account manager earnings exceed industry averages. Glassdoor conducted an in-depth look at companies where sales people earn the highest commission, #1 was CA Technologies at 90k, #5 was Monster at 73k, and #10 was VMware at 58k.


First year earnings at quota is 60k and second year at target is well over 100k. This is a ground floor opportunity with advancement opportunities and expansive territories.


We are looking for B2B experience, preferably with restaurants and similar businesses. You should be at least familiar with if not well-versed in social media applications for businesses and have a keen understanding of consumer behavior. Demonstrable sales performance history is required as is excellent presentation technique, organizational skills and appearance/demeanor.


Visit our website to become familiar with the service before applying. Qualified applicants will receive a response within a few business days. No phone calls please.




Company: Jemsu

Search Marketing Consultant

Position Highlights:


*Outstanding commissions and residuals Realistic earnings of $140,000 year based on what our sales people are currently earning. More is possible. No Cap.


*Experienced and highly competent technical support team Can answer any client questions, responds quickly, experts in the field with excellent track record, motivated to get the sale closed just like you are.


*Excellent product training You are expected to be conversant and knowledgeable in our process and industry.


*Versatility We have found success in certain verticals but we are able to generate similar results in a variety of industry-types making your prospect potential open and vast.


*Work flexibility You have much license with respect to your sales process and when and where you work so long as our services are represented accurately and our professional standards are upheld.



-2 plus years of business-to-business sales experience
-C-level and general manager sales experience
-Commission based experience
-Prospecting and lead generation ability and experience
-Demonstrable presentation and closing experience/skills
-Career sales history and statistics including close ratios
-Fair and above organization skills
-Good writing and overall communication habits and skills


Jemsu provides tailored search engine marketing, optimization and even web design for a variety of business applicants. Our professional standards are such that we must believe first that we can succeed in providing significant ranking gains within 6 months or we will turn away the business. As a result we have accumulated many success stories. Our expertise is not industry specific. Therefore we are current embarking on a sales and marketing campaign to repeat our performances in new industries.


Weve been at it for 4 years and we are gaining momentum quickly. We believe that a key component to our steady and rapid growth is choosing the right team members. If after visiting our website (Jemsu.com) you feel like you can contribute and would fit in well here we invite you to apply.


Send resume and cover letter to veronica@randyrevoyr.com. Qualified candidates will be contacted within a few business days. No phone calls please.




Company: The Thank You Group

Account Manager - The Thank You Group


The Thank You Group is a 10 year incentive marketing company with roots in traditional snail mail and electronic incentive marketing programs. We serve our clients by creating, organizing and implementing targeted gift card programs that are scalable, customized, cost-effective and deliver measurable results.


Our sales department is expanding as we tap into new verticals and territories. Successful account executives will know how to create a prospect list, reach decision makers, ask the right questions, discuss the benefits, walk them through our 30-day free trial and ask for referrals.

Diligent follow-up and above average organization skills are necessary as well. Previous experience in our industry and with our prospects is an advantage but not required. You should have b2b sales experience, and experience working remotely.


Our average sales reps earn $60,000 to $80,000 per year. Leads are provided. We are looking for long-term, responsible, trust worthy sales pros. Benefits packages and stock options are available to senior account executives.


Successful marketing starts and ends with a thank you. Visit thankyoucertificates.com before applying.


Send resume and cover letter to veronica@randyrevoyr.com. Qualified candidates will be contacted within a few business days. No phone calls please.




Company: INKS

Regional Account Manager - Inside or Outside


Business to business account manager position for small managed print service and wholesale printer ink company. In your territory you will work with a variety of businesses to see if we can save them time and money with our managed print program. Managed print will save any organization time and money, however typically the larger the company the more savings can be attained. As for printer ink, ours is the cheapest in the business.


You should be an aggressive prospector with excellent pipeline management abilities. Keys to success are getting to the decision makers, asking them relevant questions in short order so as to not waste their time, and so that you can demonstrate that your call is important enough to warrant further consideration. Diligent follow up and closing abilities are critical as well.


We are a young company so territories are open and advancement potential will never be better. Compensation is dependent on your background and comp plans and can be structured in a number of ways including a base, or a draw or even all commission if you prefer.

Sales can be conducted by phone or in person depending on your preferences, the proximity of the client and type of sale. This is much flexibility in how you work, however immediate results are expected.


Visit cheapest-inks.com before applying.


Send resume and cover letter to veronica@randyrevoyr.com. Qualified applicants will be contacted within a few business days. No phone calls please.




Company: iseekLAW

Law Firm Media Closer


Most law practitioners don't have a handle on marketing side of the business. In many cases they are unable to account for what sources drive in which clients, if any at all. Worse yet, we've seen numerous firms/solos who do not own their own web domains.


With the variety of mediums and advertising programs it's more important than ever to understand which ones work best for you.

iseekLAW began as the first lawyer search engine App in the Appstore back in 2010. Today we are able to overhaul and optimize entire marketing plans.


We begin by providing the firm with a marketing assessment that's designed to illustrate how and where they can be found online. With this summary, practitioners can decide what areas they would like to focus on improving, if any.


Areas where we can provide assistance:
*Search Engine Optimization
*Social Media Management
*Web copy/design
*Video Production and Marketing
*Mobile Advertising
*Web domain Control
*Most importantly the ability to measure the ROI of all of these separately!


Practitioners can embark on one or more of these initiatives and measure the outcome using our lead tracking product that tells you exactly where the clients are coming from, complete with conversion ratios and acquisition cost comparisons.


Our mission is to help law firms regain control of their marketing program and its efficacy. We believe this will save them money in long-run, help them make better decisions and give them peace of mind.


The Sales Process

Primarily by phone due to the busy nature of the demographic. Before contacting you will do cursory research so that you can be knowledgeable about their practice. You will quickly qualify him/her and get right to the point. You will provide a concise high-level overview before inviting them to dive into the app or scheduling longer presentation including all services.



Experience selling to busy professionals or business owners, law firm sales experience is nice but not required. Ability to work independently and with little supervision. Strong earnings history and demonstrable ability to effectively present a business solution and close the sale. We prefer a long-term fit as such we will take the necessary time to select the right person.



Territories are expansive and advancement opportunity will never be better. Commissions are aggressive and paid residually enabling you to amass substantial passive income through hard work and market knowledge. Comprehensives sales training and deal closing assistance available.

Average sales reps earn close to 100k/year, more is possible.


Salary is available after one-month probationary period. During probationary period will be paid on your sales only.


Visit our website before applying. Qualified applicants will be contacted within a few business days. No phone calls please.





Company: Vision Link Consulting

Independent Energy Sales – Telecommute


Vision Link Consulting is an energy and essential services brokerage catering to medium and large companies. Were looking for experienced independent sales professional with appropriate contacts to help us reach more businesses and save them money.

Energy sales experience is helpful but not required. Thorough training is provided and support is given to willing and hard working reps.


A typical day:

Identify markets within deregulated states to prospect. Conduct some quick web research before calling. Contact the decision maker and ask informed questions showing that you are calling for a purpose and will be respectful of their time. Quickly explain how we can perform a free energy audit to ascertain if savings can be achieved. Explain each step of the audit and sales process making sure all questions are answers and concerns addressed. Our management team will work with you on post sales and accounts support. Sales can take place by phone or in person depending on your preference and the location of the prospects.



Commissions can be very large on major energy accounts and advancement opportunity abounds. Larger sales however take more time so you can also close smaller deals in between. Six figure income in your first year is realistic, substantially more in the following years is possible as well. Once trained and up to speed your interaction with the company is what you make of it, and there are very few restrictions on your time and activities. A responsible self-disciplined sales person will do well here.


The ideal candidate will possess the following characteristics/experience:

-Aggressive self starter and experienced working independently.
-Executive level/C-Level sales experience
-Demonstrable phone presentation and closing experience/skills
- Great reporting and tracking skills - provides visibility into current work, goals and accomplishments
-Superior organization skills, persistent and consistent.
-Experience managing a complex sales pipeline
-Good writing and overall communication habits and skill


Folks with pharmaceutical sales experience tend to be a good fit here but its not required.


Send resume and cover letter to veronica@randyrevoyr.com. Qualified applicants will be contact within a few business days. No phone calls please.





Company: Xwalker

Business Development Manager - Consumer Shopping Website


Xwalker is a new and extremely innovative consumer shopping website with niches in the retail clothing markets. What makes Xwalker unique is that retailers can list all merchandize for free, and consumers can shop tax-free and receive discounts using promotional gift cards.


As a Business Development Manger, your primary responsibility is to register local business (free) on the website and make sure theyre using the service to its potential. Retailers may also advertise in addition to the free listing to promote their stores or particular products.

Commissions are earned through up-sales and through gift card redemption. Base pay included and will depend on experience.


Looking for creative and aggressive sales people who know how to build a fruitful sales pipeline.


Ideal candidate will have the following characteristics:
-3 plus year of business-to-business sales experience
-Prospecting and lead generation ability and experience
-Demonstrable phone presentation and closing experience/skills
-Career sales history and statistics including close ratios
-Fair and above organization skills
-Good writing and overall communication habits and skill

Industry experience is preferred but not required.


Send resume and cover letter to veronica@randyrevoyr.com. Qualified applicants will be contacted within one week. No phone calls please.





Company: Keep My ID

Corporate HR Sales Executive – ID Theft Protection Service


KeepMyID.org is the most comprehensive ID protection service on the market because it provides REAL prevention services as well as thorough recovery services handled by a case worker.


KeepMyID.org was founded by former FBI special agents, Secret Service agents, a U.S. Marshall, a Texas Ranger, Senior Police Detectives and state and federal prosecutors.


Why all the muscle? Every 4 seconds, there is another victim of identity theft. It is the fastest growing crime in the United States.

FBI reports that the average victim spends 331 hours on the phone and $1,378 to clean up the mess left behind; even then 71% of the time there are still problems on the victims credit.


And it gets worse Criminals steal your information, have a drivers license made and use it when they get arrested. 1.152 million arrest warrants were issued just last year for the wrong people due to identity theft.


Fortunately our service is purpose-built and utterly comprehensive. The service can be purchased at an individual level but we prefer working with employers who want to offer our service as a benefit to its employees or contractors.


Employers are constantly looking for cost effective ways to provide attractive benefits at a time when ID protection is top of mind for many people. And when ID theft does strike, its nice to know ones employees are spending those 331 hours productively.


Were looking for experienced corporate sales execs who understand the benefits and can effectively take this message to the right players. You will be contacting employers of all sizes, beginning small and working up.


Ideal candidate will have the following characteristics:
-5 plus year of business-to-business sales experience
-C-level and HR level sales experience
-Prospecting and lead generation ability and experience
-Demonstrable phone presentation and closing experience/skills
-Career sales history and statistics including close ratios
-Fair and above organization skills
-Good writing and overall communication habits and skill
-Familiarity and genuine enthusiasm of the ID protection industry


Industry experience is preferred but not required.


Competitive base compensation is provided after a minimal performance level of 500 total users is achieved. Regular commission rate until then. Income is not capped.


Send resume and cover letter to veronica@randyrevoyr.com. Qualified applicants will be contacted within one week. No phone calls please.




Company: Local Ads Masters

Physician Marketing Sales - Creative Ad Agency


Local Ads Masters, an established creative ad agency has created a new and innovative marketing program for family physicians, optometrists, sports physiotherapists, chiropractors, dentist and other service professionals.


A variety of packages are available including weekly original video content produced, recorded, hosted and updated by us based on content from the physician. Family physicians for instance can connect with prospective and existing patients and families by providing helpful and free health related information. Patients and prospective patients form a closer bond and loyalty to the service provider making this program much more effective than those coupons you receive in the mail and other marginal call-to-action programs.


We’re looking for competent and professional sales representation to contact target service providers and qualify their interest in this program. If interested, you’ll schedule a firm time for an in-depth presentation conducted by you and/or a member of the production team. Sales are closed based on the prospect’s genuine understanding of this service and its value. Packages range from 500 to 2500 per month and commissions are aggressive.


Related experience is preferred, and B2B sales to busy professionals is required.


Send resume and cover letter to veronica@randyrevoyr.com. Qualified applicants will receive a response within a few business days. No phone calls please





Company: Lymboo

Education Software Sales – Grade School Math Learning Program


Lymboo Math is a revolutionary online math learning program designed for grade school students. It is revolutionary because it is the only math learning program that incorporates interleaved and spaced learning techniques in to a comprehensive and rich curriculum. The structured online program promotes deeper understanding by introducing math concepts from multiple perspectives: from facts and basics to critical thinking and problem solving.




Having just launched our service in 2012 we have already received tremendous interest and satisfaction from parents and tutors. We are hiring sales and business development managers with experience selling to schools, teachers and administrators. Qualified leads/lists are provided.


Qualified candidates will have the following experience/skills:

-Experience selling to schools and edu. departments
-Phone sales experience
-Prospecting experience
-Superb writing and communication skills
-Some familiarity with our industry and curriculum
-Experience working independently off site


Your primary responsibility will be to speak with grade school teachers walking them through our program demonstrating its benefits. Teachers have free access to our software and can invite their students/parents to join for free as well. Individual users can additionally upgrade for full access to Lymboo for $29/99/mo. No contract.


Commissions are paid in two layers, an upfront amount when the teacher has agreed to recommend Lymboo to their class, and residually based on the number of parents who upgrade to the premium service.


Send resume and cover letter to veronica@randyrevoyr.com. Qualified applicants will be contacted within a few days. No phone calls please.






Company: Eatiply

Business Development Specialist


Eatiply is a cause marketing concept with Corporate Offices in Minneapolis, MN.


Eatiply's mission is:
Fight local hunger issues by providing a valuable marketing solution to business partners, a marketable platform to sponsors, and a unique fundraising platform for hunger organizations.


What we have done:
In our first year we provided over 400,000 meals to children in need. We've received tremendous press and acclaim following our initial launch in Little Rock, AR and Minneapolis, MN and is now partnered with Arkansas Rice Depot. Eatiply was recently included as one of the top 10 cause marketing concepts in the nation for 2013 and has been nominated for the August 2014 Halo Awards for best transactional campaign and best business integration.


What we are looking for:
Eatiply is seeking an ambitious Business Development expert to assist in expanding eatiply into the Arkansas market. The Business Development Specialist would be responsible for signing at least 4 local business sponsors, positioning sponsorship and discounted buys to local media outlets, and consistently signing partnered business accounts. The right individual will most likely have existing media, restaurant, business to business sales experience, or sponsor contacts within the market.


What we offer:
Eatiply offers an aggressive compensation structure that should exceed six figures in annual earning potential. Eatiply's company culture is laid back and allows our Business Development Specialists to act as entrepreneurs. Top performing Business Development Specialists are awarded with company stock and the ability to open additional markets while still receiving residual income on existing markets.


Qualified candidates will have/be the following:


If you consider yourself a sales professional or entrepreneur and have a genuine interest in making the world a better place, this may be the opportunity for you.


Visit our website or facebook page before applying. Qualified applicants will be contacted within a few business days. No phone calls please.





Company: Xpress Menus

Restaurant Sales - Leads Provided - Full or Part-time


XpressMenus provides online ordering capabilities to restaurants in addition customized software as a service solutions and Facebook apps. Restaurants like to work with us because we provide personal attention and customized services at prices that crush the competition.

We’re looking for well rounded sales professionals to demonstrate our service to restaurant owners with the assistance of our technical staff. This includes phone and face-to-face meetings, account management and even cold calls. Leads are provided as well after the third sale is completed.

We’re currently serving over 100 restaurants in the Philadelphia area and are expanding into new markets. Come work for a young and fast growing software service company.

National statistics indicate that restaurants increase their sales by 30% on average with online ordering. At present the average single-location restaurant sees between $2,000 and $10,000 sales online monthly. Restaurants who understand this want a firm who can handle all technical needs without relinquishing control of the cash flow.

This is an excellent opportunity to earn a few thousands extra dollars on a part-time basis with the potential of full-time employment.

-Restaurant/food service industry experience
-1+ years sales or sales support experience
-Moderate technical skills and understanding
-Ability to develop and nurture business relationships
-Excellent communication and listening skills
-Genuine interest in industry
-Work ethic

Equipment Needed:
-Smart phone, tablet or computer with mobile internet
-CLEAN business casual attire

-Daily sales call activity
-Ongoing training participation
-Maintain relationship with your client list
-Obtain and contact referral leads
-Always punctual and prepared for sales appointments


Strong upfront commissions paid weekly plus monthly residuals. You get what you put into it. Realistic opportunity to earn good money working with business owners selling a terrific service.


Send resume and cover letter to veronica@randyrevoyr.com. Qualified applicants will be contacted within a few days. No phone calls please.


Company: Revoyr & Associates

Associate - Sales

Revoyr & Associates helps startups establish a customer base and develop a sales department. In many cases the companies are brand new and have yet to make their first sale. Or the owner has landed a few accounts but cash-flow is limited and recruiting is difficult. They hire us because we are startup specialists and have been developing boot-strapped sales departments for 10 years. We know how to make sales happen and how to select the right individuals to grow our clients’ businesses.


We are looking to add one internal biz dev associate who will work with one or a few of our client projects at critical times in their development. You will need to be a versatile and talented sales professional who is comfortable working in a startup environment. Startup experience is a must. Demonstrable presentation and closing ability is a must. Ability to learn quickly is a must. Creative problem solving is a must. Being super-human is a must.


Before applying visit our website to understand the kinds of companies we help. If you are looking for immediate employment we discourage you from applying as there will be an extended evaluation process before a hiring decision is made. We are seeking a long-term associate with partnership potential, someone with a true talent for and genuine interest in our industry. Compensation plan will include flat retainers and profit sharing and may include other team performance incentives.


Send resume and cover letter to veronica@randyrevoyr.com. Qualified applicants will be contacted within a few days. No phone calls please.