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Sales Help for Startups.

Revoyr & Associates helps new companies generate sales and become profitable. We work with businesses that have a unique service to offer in a growing field. Often these startups are unfunded and look to us to help them either become profitable and grow organically, or secure outside funding by demonstrating that their service can be successfully sold.

We are sales development specialists. Our techniques are proprietary and scientifically implemented to help your business become salable, scalable and sustainable to the extent desired.

Reasons to Hire Us.

Companies often hire us for one or more of the following reasons:

1. It's a startup and needs cash flow.
2. Owners haven't the time nor desire to handle sales.
3. Current person or persons in charge of sales are ill-fit.
4. Investors are not responding to business plan - need to raise competitive profile by proving company's model by making sales happen and generating income.


Understanding Our Process

We succeed because we work with services that customers want to buy, sales people want to sell, and investors want to partner with. This means we are extremely selective. This also means we are very hands-on in developing your business to make sure all of these things happen.


It begins with the sale. We go out and get you customers. This experience provides us with valuable information including but not limited to: Price points and terms; Sales cycle; Realistic delivery time from order to completion; Sales volume data and potential; Who your prospective customers are and what they think about your service.



Recommendations for Revoyr & Associates

“I worked for Randy for 4 years. As head of sales, Randy was far and away the best sales manager I have ever had. His work ethic and sales skills were amazing. He was especially adept at problem solving on the fly and keeping the sales force happy motivated and selling. I wouldn't have stayed on for half as long if it weren't for Randy. Any company that gets him, will be a better one.” - Robert Yocum.

Randy is an excellent manager & team leader. He leads the team as a whole while helping to grow each individual personally & professionally. Randy is someone I look forward to working with for years to come.” - Chris DeSando

“Normally a commission-only position would not interest me at all, but after speaking with Randy I believed in what his company was doing and I was in. Though I liked to think I had sales experience, I learned quickly in the presence of Randy what a true salesperson was. He was enthusiastic about his product, knowledgable, professional, and organized. Randy was able to teach, inspire, motivate and corral the ever-changing sales force and produce results when people thought it was impossible. He is proof that it is possible to work hard and have a blast at the same time. Thank you, Randy!” - Stacy Luther

“Working with Randy changed the way I think about Sales. As someone with little experience, it was a huge eye-opener to find not just a cloud of mystery in selling, but a completely logical method which felt as if it could be done by anyone. Randy couldn't have been a better teacher for the job. He presented the process clinically, step by step. It took away the intimidation factor and allowed me to just have conversations with the customers. As Randy helped me refine my abilities, I quickly saw improvement and got results. I can't think of a better entry into sales.Thanks” - William Davis

“Originally, I applied for the internship position with a desire to gain work experience in the field. Randy Revoyr is a very intelligent, knowledgeable, and down-to-earth sales manager who was always available to help or to answer any of my questions. Randy made the working environment very comfortable and friendly, and at the same time taught me a lot about aspects of communications that I never really considered. Being responsible for the production of an email newsletter, I learned a lot about how online marketing works, its creative aspect as well as its business side. Working with Randy, I found that the media can be a business like any other, a factor that I never considered before. While I have not eliminated journalism as a potential career, thanks to Randy Revoyr I have a greater interest in new media marketing, and a better understanding of where I am headed after graduation.” - Alina Dain

“Randy is an exceptional member of the LegalFish management team. Since we begain working with him, he has shown tremendous commitment, skill, perseverance and heart. He is extremely focused on his specific duties yet thinks globally and keeps the wider picture in mind. I have also been impressed with his ability to think outside the box to continuously improve himself, those around him and the company as a whole. I am proud to work alongside Randy.” - Anish Shah. Client.

“Randy is a rare talent. Determination and perseverance are personified with him. He his deceptively competent. He makes no noise, just inexorably works and finds his way to the finish line. Classic tortoise and hare stuff. I have learned over the years that his approach is more common amongst the successful.” - Paul Mush. Client.

“I have worked with Randy in a variety of business development capacities. Randy is results-oriented, organized, and intelligent. These characteristics underscore what I think is Randy's most remarkable trait as a colleague, simply put, he is easy to do business with ” - Chuki Charles Obiyo

“Randy is a true entrepreneur. At 26, he was VP of a bona-fide internet start-up, even after internet start-ups weren't the cool hip thing to do anymore. He stuck it out, and he's still going at it. He does what he believes in, and he belives in what he does. When the going gets tough, or you just need some good ol' fashioned entrepreneuring, Randy's your guy.” - Thea Kinyon Boodhoo

“Randy is a self starter with a great attitude towards sales. He is goal oriented, extremely professional and a powerful leader. I would recommend Randy to any company seeking to hire a successful Sales Manager.” - Jonathan Lott

“Randy has been great to work with. His implementation of sales strategies has been of great value to me. I appreciate his kind but direct business manner.” - Geoff Beckstrom

“Randy is a multi-talented executive who runs his Teams efficiently and with great success. He leads by example and is always open to ideas to insure the company's goals.” - Deepak Emmanuel

"I have worked with Randy on several projects over the last 6 years, most recently with Highlight Business News. I have found Randy to be a man of his word! He delivers what he says he will do and in a timely manner. He has been a part of this company from the time it was just an idea to a corporation with 5 employees. His advice has been invaluable and his work has been irreplaceable. I would recommend him highly to anyone who asks and am sure that we will collaborate on projects in the future!." - Dennis Meador

“Randy is reliable, an excellent manager and communicator. he accomplishes the goals consistently - great salesperson and sales manager!” - James O'Gara

"I stepped into a web-based sales position with no experience under Randy. He helped me start making viable sales calls in a very short time. The selling tips and general strategies I gained from Randy I feel will help me in any type of sales field." - Matt Fisher

"With a paralegal background and a recent law degree, stepping into a commission only sales position was a BIG step in some ways a scary step for me. Randy taught me the business of a small law practice, and more importantly taught me how to sell. Being an entrepreneur brought me to the position and Randy ensured that I got the most out of it." - Parimal Rohit